Effective Home Treatments For A Hammer Toe

A hammertoe often develops when the muscles of the toes that keep them straight become too weak, leading to an imbalance that can make your toes get bent at the middle joint. This is usually caused by wearing ill-fitting shoes that force the toes to stay bent for too long. If you have a misshaped toe, read on to learn how you can treat it at home using simple remedies such as splints, corrective footwear and pads to strengthen weak muscles and relieve pressure on affected tendons and joints so as to bring the hammer toe back to normal alignment and relieve pain.

Getting Relief From Sports Related Foot Pain

If you participate in a sport and it causes you foot pain, then you should make an appointment to get in to see your podiatrist. There may be a medical explanation for the way your feet feel and the podiatrist may be able to treat the condition so you feel better. However, you also want to learn ways of relieving the pain when it comes, so you can feel better in the meantime.