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That Pain You Feel In Your Back? Orthotic Shoe Inserts May Help

If you suffer with back pain of any type, you know how much it can affect almost every aspect of your life. You may have trouble sleeping, making you tired all the time. This may also cause you to be easily irritated so that friends and family may start to avoid you. You may not be able to sit for very long, making car trips almost impossible. In addition, you may not be able to perfume some of the normal chores and tasks required at work and at home. While not all back pain has a root cause in the feet and/or legs, some does. Here are a few situations where wearing an orthotic shoe insert can greatly improve your life.

Flat Feet

Flat feet are a very good example of how a foot problem can cause back pain. Flat feet cause a misalignment of your ankle in relation to your foot. This puts extra pressure on your knees and hips, causing you to stand and walk in a manner that pulls on your lower back. Wearing orthotic arch supports brings everything back into alignment and can stop the pain all the way from your feet up through your back.

Uneven Legs

It is possible to have one leg longer than the other. It could be that the bones in one leg are slightly longer than the bones in the other leg. It is also possible that the bones are the same length, but due to a tilting of the hips sideways, one leg appears shorter. Regardless of the cause, uneven legs will cause you to stand and walk out of symmetry, putting a strain on your back. A podiatrist will have you stand so that your body is in perfect alignment and measure any leg discrepancy. He or she will then have a shoe insert created that will lift the shorter leg, putting your legs, hips, and back into the correct alignment to relieve the pain.

Foot Injuries

Any time you cut or injure your foot, you will walk a bit lopsided. If the injury is permanent, you should consider having an orthotic shoe insert to ensure you keep the foot aligned and so you do not put extra pressure on the other foot, causing a misalignment of the spine and back pain. If the injury is only temporary, you may still want an insert for while recuperating so you do not suffer with additional pain.

If testing of your spine does not show any reason for you to have back pain, it is time to consider going to a podiatrist, like Camden County Foot & Ankle Center. While inserts are not going to relieve every type of back pain you may experience, they can help in many different situations. Wearing a shoe insert is worth it when your back pain is affecting your entire life.