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After Work Foot Pain Relief

If you are in a position at work that has you on your feet for a good part of the day, then you may have sore and aching feet at the end of your shift. Sore feet can make it hard for you to come home and take care of your household chores, or to even get up off the couch after you sit down for a minute. If you find you are often struggling with sore feet, then you should read the information in this article. It will help you with tips on relieving soreness and pain.

Elevate your feet

One thing you can do is to elevate your feet when you sit. This will help to bring down any swelling you may be experiencing from spending a long time standing on your feet or walking. Reducing the swelling alone can help take away a lot of the discomfort you may feel.

Put ice on your feet

Ice will help with both swelling and pain. You can put instant ice packs on over your socks and use large rubber bands or other types of bands to hold the ice packs in place. Do make sure that the bands don't fit tight, or they can cause problems with your feet getting the proper amount of circulation. Another way you can cool your feet down with ice is to keep small water bottles in your freezer. When your feet hurt, take them out and slowly roll them underneath your feet. Not only will these bottles help to cool your feet, but they will also help to relieve them by providing a massage sensation.

Put cushion inserts in your shoes

You can purchase gel inserts that fit right inside your shoes to provide you with extra padding. This extra padding will help to protect your feet from the added stress they experience when standing or walking on a hard surface for hours throughout the day.

Make the most out of your days off

When your days off of work come around, you should make the most out of them and try to give your feet as much rest as possible. Enjoy doing things that don't mean a lot of standing or walking for you, such as going to a movie, enjoying meals out or watching your favorite show in marathon format.

If you are unable to get relief from the pain no matter what you do, then it may be time for you to go in and see a podiatrist like Collier Podiatry PA to get professional help.